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How we make make our Perogies

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

At Perogy Guy it is just Mrs. Perogy & myself who make all our product. We have a government approved kitchen we make everything in. Our freezing method is chemical free. Like many frozen food companies they will spray a chemical on the product to quick dry them. Here, we do not. We cool them & then package, placing them in Manual Defrost Freezers so we don't get freezer burn. We freeze everything just like my Grandparents & Parents did growing up on the farm. If you see frost that is the condensation from not using chemicals to quick dry. Our product is revolving within a month or less. We are all hand pinched so we can use real cheese,

and we use Balderson Cheese. We looked at getting the machine to process them but on the course we learnt we could not use real cheese, nor use anything in the dough besides straight flour and water. My mom used eggs in her dough to keep it more tender, so we do the same. The best way to cook the perogies in to thaw and then pan fry on medium low heat in butter and onion. 15-20 mins depending on how crunchy you like them. Many campers like the fact that they are boiled already and just put them right on the bbq while out camping. Also they are nice baked in the oven with your favourite toppings. And again we choose this way to freeze all our product with the turn over very quick because we can only make so many a week the two of us. And we don't like the use of the chemical to dehydrate food.

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Elaine Brann
Elaine Brann

My husband and I bought your Perogy at the Wind Mill Saturday.

My mother always made them with Farmer Cheese, Egg and Scallions.

I still have her recipe.

I looked at my husband and said "they taste like my Mother's!!"


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